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Hi Elias. I have a store on Shopify that carries one-of-a-kind and limited-edition items. If I archive the products when they are sold, what page will people land on if they happen to click a link for the archived product (perhaps from an old email o...
What is the best way to connect the analytics data when I get sales on my site from Facebook Shop? These sales show up as sales, but not conversions. Is there a way to get that data connected so that I am better able to market to these users outside ...
What is the best way to upgrade site analytics to Google Analytics 4? Is there an easy way or do I  need to invest in an expert?
I am curious about Shopify's Chat Bot. Is it as good as one of the partner solutions? Right now, I'm using Tidio.
I am having the same problem with the update and don't see any visitors at all when it says that I have one.
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