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Hello, I am having an issue with the image variants on my Shopify store. Currently I am unable to filter out selected images. Since I sell different colors blue/red I want the main ima...
Hello, I'm having an issue with the supply theme. Whenever I go to my products page and click on the images a pop-up button appears. I would like the images to not have this pop-up.
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Trying to align text to go underneath my trust badges. But I am running into 2 problems. When using the current code the description will distort. When I add the badges but no text there is no distortion.  The other problem is with the current code i...
Trying to figure out how to add a feature divider and a title of All Mobility Scooters, which I've highlighted on the screenshot in Red to the Sub Collections Page.  Tried looking in the edit html but suspect that I will need to edit code on the sub-...
Alex, Thanks for your reply, was able to figure out were to implement the code that you provided. This has solved my problem, cheers!
Still having issues on this and wanted to open it up to all on Shopify for help if possible. 
Still quite confused on a solution to the issue, have look around the discussion board to look at similar issues, and have found that I am unable to fully understand a solution to the ones that I have looked up. Any help would be highly appreciated, ...
Alex.  I tired copying the code and pasting it into the sections/product-template.liquid and when re-running the Google search console am still encountering the same issue, Missing field "aggregateRating".
Alex, Thanks for the quick response. The app we use for product reviews is the Product Reviews app from Shopify. I've provided a link to my store zipr.com and screens hotted the problematic links below. Thanks.   
Having an issue with my Shopify store when looking at the Google search console. On Google I get an error Missing field "aggregateRating" that affects four of my items. Not sure how to resolve this issue. 
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