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The bike with black tires would be an assembly.Components could be:FrameBars Black tires The bike with orange tires would be an assembly.FrameBars Orange tires
Same issue here on 2 of our 3 Ipads Pros. No idea why one works when it's the same ipad version, ios version, and app version. One will still call all products when you search at that step the other pull nothing. 
If you paid with a credit card, you can contact your bank. I presume the deal was great and you would like whatever you purchased to be delivered but your only recourse here is likely with your bank. 
We use Sendgrid for another business and were able to use a CND to pass https wrapped links. Since Chrome can disable links that are not secure, by not having these links wrapped in a secure subdomain, we run the risk of customers facing dead clicks ...
Not sure if our solution works for you but our team had put quotes in the variant title to denote inch length and it was messing with the theme's JS when it came to refreshing inventory based on a new swatch. I removed it to test and it works now. 
Same here. It's as if the product loads the inventory for one color and selecting the other color won't update inventory (ie the strikethrough for an unavailable pair of 29 pants remains sold out when you select navy despite it being in stock for nav...
That answer is lit!  Thanks, LitCommerce. 
I've looked at available variables for the packing slip and my initial investigations says this isn't possible but I'm hoping someone can confirm. I'd like to add the following to our packing slips. We have three items that require a custom patch and...
This is the default POS behavior. Frustrating. 
Same experience here. Today they have been dropping more frequently and getting resynced is a nightmare. 
Hello All, I know we have long been plagued with the issue of unfulfilled orders never disappearing if special circumstances apply (partially fulfilled, etc). We saw our number of unfulfilled orders cut in half over the Holiday weekend. Were there an...
At some point your upload overwrote your products rather than updated them. 
Hi All,We are in the process of formatting all of our product IDs to use with the Bundles App. We needed to update vendor across all items, so we exported our product list, made the single edit and reuploaded with overwrite checked. The process of up...
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