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Hi @Slon You have added all the collection names in Uppercase so we can not directly capitalize them. You need to update all collection's names to Capitalise or we need to add some custom code to do this. If possible please add me as a staff into you...
Hi @Slon Please share store url and password if any to verify the store
Hi @thingsexpo Please share your store URL to verify
Hi @HWoodson Please share your store URL and password if any.Please let me know on which section you want to change background
Hi @BarraStudios Happy to help you with this issue.I think your collection page is customized so verifying and fix the issue requires access to your store.Please share staff access to your Shopify admin to check more.
Hi @Guifonte Please share your store URL and password to check the current zoom effect.
Hi @matteo_p On my phone's safari new favicon is loading. Please check the screenshot attached. The new favicon will load for all devices after google crawls your website next time.
Hi @TWCkgb Please add the below style to your theme.css filebutton.btn_checkout.button.button_primary.tu.mt__10.mb__10.js_add_ld.w__100.qbk-event-added.qbk-hide-button { display: block !important; float: right !important; }
Hi,Please share your store url and password if any to check
Hi @Ajing Could you please share store URL and password if any?
Hi, Replace your code with the below one: I have added a limit of 8 so it will display only 8 posts.For more details see this<section class="instafeed-container"> <div id="instafeed-container"></div> </s...
Hi @lykkefish It will be the same for all products or different? 
Please share your store address and password if any
Could you please share the code by which you are displaying the Instagram feed?
Could you please share the app you are using to display your Instagram feed on the website?If you are using Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed then you will find textbox with title "Number of rows" set 2 as value and for "Number of Columns" set 4.
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