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Address auto completion was introduced in 2017 and expanded to additional countries such as the UK in 2022. Ireland is not currently supported in checkout but is supported for address auto completion for draft orders/customer creation. Is there any t...
Delivery dates availability looks like an excellent feature for improving checkout conversions, however the support for this is limited to certain negotiated carrier apps and Shopify Shipping calculated rates Will Shopify eventually support Delivery ...
Updating this thread that more data types have been added to the update order metafield task so this is now resolved.
I've created a Shopify Flow workflow with an action to update an order metafield value. The metafield datatype is a boolean. Shopify Flow only appears to allow updating metafields with datatype string, integer or JSON Is this an oversight with the Fl...
Hey @Michael , this is a great connector so thank you for developing this and listing it publicly. I hope this and yourself gets some recognition from the Shopify company in how valuable a contribution this is to merchants who want to blend their Sho...
Hi ShopifyThe CarrierService documentation shows how to create your own custom shipping rates for the Shopify checkout.I've developed a custom carrier rates application to suit my business which in real time calculates several shipping rates for the ...
There does not appear to be a documented way of accessing the 'Delivery Instructions' field of an order when a customer checks out with Local Delivery as shipping method. This is missing in the native packing slip and also the Custom Packing Slip app...
This is an issue for us also. Having some form of validation on the zip code field to not be blank is needed at a minimum. If using the Local Delivery shipping method, there are options to only allow specific Zip codes, however without any frontend v...
Looking for the same information. We want to automate creating our delivery lists but without an API this looks impossible to do. Hopefully Shopify can comment whether an API will become available for this or not so that we can start looking at alter...
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