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I've found a way to do this in bulk through the shipping app I use Starshipit.I'm not sure if other shipping apps offer is as well or not, but here's how they do it:
Brilliant, thank you for this fix!I've set up a great flow in Klaviyo and hadn't considered I would have difficulty turning off the Shopify ones. Thanks for making sure all that work didn't go to waste.DAMN: I spoke too soon and this doesn't suit our...
Hi Jens It sounds like the identical set up to mine (we ship chocolate and cookies, then offer pick up for chocolate, cookies and other pastry). You'll want to:1. For the online delivery products, add both shipping locations to the products2. For the...
UPDATE: have resolved this through digging into the customisable settings in languages. For anyone else trying to solve this issue my fix was: Set up a new location with pick up only and no shipping or local deliveryAdjust product location settings s...
BACKGROUND:My store offers shippable products (chocolate) and pick up only products (pastry).Despite offering content to customers showing which products can be shipped v pick up, naturally customers add a lemon meringue tart to basket and expect it ...
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