I have a Google Ads account that was suspended 6+ years ago. If I create a Google Merchant Account, will that be suspended as well due to association?
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The basic approach to the solution is to add custom code to the product page template to use fields that can be set via the API (weight & price), to calculate the base unit price.
I think you have to adjust the CSS of the image elements on the collection pages. What is the store URL?
Custom liquid blocks can also include custom HTML: <img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0629/6102/5244/files/TRUSTBADGE_WEHAWT.png?v=1646268090" width="xpx" height="ypx"> For width & height, replace with whatever size you want i.e. width="200p...
Yes, add the following to change the color for the other one: .card.large--sticky.medium--sticky.sticky-check-header {   background: #ffffff !important;} And yes, you can also place the code in the theme.scss.liquid file instead of the custom style s...
Yes there is, add the following CSS code to the theme scss file (Online Store -> Actions -> Edit Code -> Assets/theme.scss.liquid): @media screen and (max-width: 749px) {  .product__content-header {    margin-top: 32px !important;    margin-bottom: 3...
I believe this can happen if you have blank sections in your Product page template in Debutify. Go to Online Store -> Customize -> Select Products -> 'default product' (or whichever product template you're using) from the top drop down. Then on the l...
Try adding this to the custom CSS (Online Store -> Customize -> Theme Settings -> Custom Style/Script -> Text field under Custom style): .cart__row.cart-item.card {background-color: #ffffff !important;} 
Go to Online Store -> Actions -> Edit Code, and go to the file called "main-collection-product-grid.liquid" in the Sections folder. Search for the text "main-collection-filters" (CMD+f on Mac, CTRL+f on Windows). You should find the text on line 29 (...
You just need to adjust your theme's color settings or add some custom CSS. What theme are you using?
- In your Facebook ads, are you optimizing for conversions (specifically Purchase events)?- Are you getting add to carts or initiate checkouts? If yes to the above two questions, it might be a problem with your landing page(s).
Did you implement this by setting two different shipping rates using price conditions?
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