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Hi,   Is it possible that your variant is not properly associated with the selling plan? I used the sellingPlanGroupAddProductVariants mutation to associate variants to the selling plan and it's working properly from my end. I'm just wondering if you...
Hey Stephen,   When you say "unlimited free delivers with a minimum of $50 per order", do you mean a membership based system where users will get free shipping on any orders if they purchase order above $50? If yes, then this is not possible at the m...
Hey Alina,    It is possible to migrate existing contracts from Stripe API. You can follow the `Migrating from Stripe` section: https://shopify.dev/apps/subscriptions/migrate/customers to create subscriptions contracts. 
Hey Brian,    After looking at the billing attempt, we see the error message `Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID.`. This is something that is returned from Paypal response. I've found this where the customer could enable  ‘block acciden...
Hey Brian,   I will send you a message for more information regarding this, so we can investigate this a little further,   Thanks
Hello,    At the moment, there is no way list subscriptionContracts in StoreFrontApi. Though it is possible in Admin Api as you mentioned: https://shopify.dev/api/admin-graphql/2022-01/objects/Customer#queries.    To cancel a subscription contract, t...
Hello,    This seems more related to Apps then subscriptions, so we moved this question to shopify-apps. But from looking at the API doc briefly, I have a hunch that the issue might be because the `terms` property wasn't provided, which is required w...
Hello,    In order to change the protected access scope, you might want to take a look at this doc to request access scope through partner dashboard. Your app needs to be either a public or custom apps in order to see subscriptions, and the specific ...
Hey @RitikaThakur , I'm not an expert in terms of webhooks, but subscription_billing_attempts/challenged would be triggered when there is a 3ds challenge associated with the billing attempt.  What is the result like when you create webhooks for subsc...
Hi! You can change the pricing on the subscriptions plan / product, but in terms of the existing subscribers / contracts this will not be reflected. I believe the contracts or subscriptions need to be updated by the app.  -Jason   
Hello, This is something that is currently not supported at the moment. Something that is possible would be either picking“Pay $2 now, pay $20 every 12 weeks” or “Pay $2 now, pay $20 every 24 weeks”. We currently only support variable pricing policy,...
Hello, when will Shopify release the subscriptions API for alternate payment gateways. Which payment gateway would you be referring to? There are different gateways that we are planning to support / release in the future. You can reference our Subs...
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