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The session index doesn't seem help me knowing the real situation... I haven't even got one sale.  
I got approved to my Facebook Shopping. However IG has been rejecting me. My IG has been connected to FB. My products are not violating IG policy. I've tried to follow the setup steps I search on int...
I just realised that, the diagnosis of my approved products in GMC can change from time to time, even I didn't change any data /touch anything of my files. Some days all items are active...
All my products on Shopify are originally all being Approved by Google Merchant Centre. However, today after I used password protect on my site for a few hours, i suddenly found more than half of my ...
Hello, I've purchased my domain. However the email forwarding doesn't work. It worked once before, then it no longer works. I've tried to delete it and add it again, but it's still not working. Than...
Hello, I'm new and just have published my Shopify store recently. When I tried to add Google program to Sales Channels, it requires me to list all accepted payment methods on your online ...
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Hello, Thanks for your information. But I just wonder, how can you email to Shopify? I spent long time still couldn't find the way..
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