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Hi @raj02 , I reached out to shopify regarding this and the issue was i didnt install the app on the dev store.Then they added a note to the documentation.Hope this helps.
Hi,I am creating an app using the new POS UI Extensions and i want to hit a 3rd party api, after doing some research i got to know i have to create a route in the app backend and then hit that route from UI File ( POS Extension file ) and handle data...
Hi,The only way to do this is by creating a route in your app backend ( index.js ) and then fetching admin data from extension file via index.jsIt would be much like UI file -> get /readCustomer Index file -> fetch customers from admin and throw a re...
 Hi,I am facing an issue with my Shopify app where I receive a 400 Bad Request when the app is uninstalled from a store. I need help troubleshooting this problem.Upon installation of the app, I can observe the following message in the console: [shopi...
Not Specifically,I just created a new discount and copy pasted my code in that for my works fine for me.
Its in development actually, so when i npm run dev in the main folder, it auto start the cloudflare or ngrok server on shopify with a url on local, so if my app is opening but 1 functionality is responding with 524 it not easily understandable.
I was testing my Shopify Functions app and suddenly today the useAuthenticatedFetch hook is not workingTypeError: Failed to fetch at was ...
I am trying to test out the new Shopify discount app feature using functions and have successfully cloned the repository into my machine.Sample Code After deploying and setting the function id, I then move to npm i dev which after installing and chec...
didn't work for me  
I have 3 products, 2 already in cart and for 3rd i click on Buy Now button i.e Dynamic Checkout. Thus, the 3rd product in checkout page is totally separated from cart products.Now i want to add a line item property to the dynamically checked out prod...
When adding an image from schema into the img tag It shows as .gif format in the inspect element <img src="/cdn................../image.gif">The schema id is good and the image uploaded is good.image is in .jpg formatBut still the issue persist's .
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