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I have a bunch (19) of pdfs that I would like to present as a group of images with link to the pdfs. I created a custom page with a simple table and all the images and links, but of course this is n...
I am using the warehouse theme. Currently at the top of my collections is a bunch of filters related to tags. These are great on a desktop but do not appear on a mobile site. I would like to show t...
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Did you figure this out ? Manually doing it seems crazy, and their suggestion to use "Bulk Edit" is just as crazy.
This is it ! This works as expected. and is FREE !THANK YOU !!!!
Yup it seems only doing it one by one in merchant center seems to work
Okay the 1 ct is right as I discovered. I was very hopeful about the bulk edit but alas the fields were not available in the select columns. Here is my progress ....Found the bulk edit option inside of shopify products list.Did NOT find the columns a...
Replying to myself for others the correct option in the dropdown for an each type item is "ct" count. https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7052112?hl=en&visit_id=638369700016839510-3151746147&rd=1#price_and_availability
I used 1 for the number area and there is an option for pack in the dropdown list.We have the same thing. Its a single item. A chair. It's an EACH scenario. Each isn't in the list. But pack makes some sorta sense. As for the edit. It does work .....o...
I just want to jump in here and say that I am seeing the exact same issue. Hundreds of items listed with:Invalid whole number [unit pricing base measure]andInvalid real number [unit pricing measure] We are about to do some ad spending and I want to m...
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