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Thats a stupid and weak response from Shopify! Christ I send coils of hose to Glasgow and Edinburgh several times a week and other locations across Scotland for £6.75, Highlands cost me £23.75 for same parcel! Seriously telling me the best solution t...
Come on Shopify its now 2024, over a year since this was asked to be added? Its not as if anyone is asking anything difficult just add another region for Scottish Highlands? Most other platforms already have this option. Should not take 12mths for a ...
Nothing replaced kit, kit was such a good piece of software loved by lots of shopify users but is was binned and nothing that even comes close to ease of use has replaced it. This was a case where we were failed by shopify.
Well had the final reminder from shopify today to prove 100% that shopify does not listen to its customers or care what they actually want!.. Thanks Shopify for the massive support you have shown your customer base by doing this... This is a final re...
Just wanted to share a prime example of a reply to my kit email that I have received today, just maybe you can understand from this why it is such an important tool to us sellers.. and maybe you could give us some hope that a replacement tool will be...
@Julie Is there any reason why Kit cannot be held in place for the time being until Shopify is able to offer a full alternative? As you can see by the following on this subject a lot of your customers use and value the "Kit" app and removing it witho...
@Julie Just wondered if you will be able to provide us with any update information on this at before the Kit switch off? Or would it be possible that the kit switch off is halted until a solution has been found?Thank you Stu
It would be fantastic if we could tie something in before this is discontinued, just to give an example of just how important this is to me below is a message received from one of my customers after they have received my automated followup email mess...
Little bit disappointed that "Shopify" has not come forward with any constructive comments on this? One of the major points being the follow up email system which works with kit "Extremely" well will be lost and we have nothing to take its place once...
@Brie Maybe you could give us some sort of guidance with this? My follow up email system is extremely important to me and I get a very good response rate from my customers from it regarding their experiences dealing with us and information on what th...
@Brie "Thanks for this - I'd be interested to know what you recommend to use as an alternative to the automated 'thank you' email that Kit sends out?  I can't see this in the marketing functionality on Shopify"  I would also like to know what you sug...
Had an email from Shopify saying the "Kit" app is being removed and will end on August 31st? is there an alternative to this or any reason why its being removed? Its such a handy little app' I use it all the time?
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