Hi, We are currently using the Envy theme and our search bar is not functioning the way we would like it. Many people are searching up "track" but are not being taken to our track your package page t...
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Our dynamic checkout button is not showing up on any product pages which has been hurting conversion recently since the only button on the whole page is just add to cart. I have the button "dynamic checkout" checked off within the theme but it's stil...
Thank you for the information, where would I add this? 
Thank you for the suggestion, do you know what liquid code that would be? 
Hello, I recently added digital products that are $0 and are added as gifts when a customer adds another product to their cart. But I am noticing these products are appearing in my search bar and I am also afraid they will start to appear in product ...
this still does not bring the slideshow all the way to the left, there is still some white space.
Thank you for the suggestion, it worked better at 90%. Do you know how to remove the white space on the left of the slideshow so it is full screen. 
Hi, the preview link is: https://gh1n56d08zy563in-54559080629.shopifypreview.com
Hey All, I recently added a slider carousel to my homepage on the new 2.0 envy theme but I am not sure how to change the size so that it looks like my current live theme's slider. I am sure it is an easy fix but I'm just not sure where to look. Can a...
Thank you for your help! 
Thank you for your help!  
The sale badge on our current website is too big on mobile and looks funky, would love to be able to decrease it but just don't know how to. Any help would be appreciated  Website: www.wearthepeace.com
Just fixed it, sorry about that
The password is teocku, thank you so much
teocku is the password
Hello, I am using Envy theme for my store, the url is https://wearthepeace-clothing.myshopify.com we still havent connected the domain from our current storeI would also like to have a full width custom page on my site especially the store page, how ...
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