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When I'm check it out, I see the Price Rules amount updated but not in the Discount Section.
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Anyone know how to stop redirecting after update customer's addresses?
Same issue, Shopify should add a "Keep me logged in" option to users
Thank you so much, but we want to implement in our own Customer App
Hi, we want to implement something like the admin side customer addresses management (see screenshots). We already have a form, but it do redirect after submit. We want an ajax form or something like that to manage customer addresses.
Thanks for you early response but that no solve my problem
We try with the money filter: "money_without_trailing_zeros" but it only remove .00 with the two decimals zeros, when only the last decimal is zero doesn't remove it, for example in price 23.90, doesn't remove the last zero and the price stay 23.90. ...
Hi, I want to show variants instead of products in the "Product Recommendations" section.
Nothing yet. Anyone know about it?
Hi! We want to give the option to stay logged in forever. For example a checkbox on the login form "Keep logged".
I want to add a payment prompt that show up to the customer if it's payment success or fail. Thanks
Thanks to @OliUK he actually found a solution and this is:I've got this working now. I found a guide online where the author creates the price rule first, then creates the discount afterwards. I think my problem was either the API nested discount cod...
This is my mutation/POST response:{"data":{"priceRuleCreate":{"priceRule":{"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/PriceRule\/xxxxxxxxxxxx"},"priceRuleUserErrors":[]}},"extensions":{"cost":{"requestedQueryCost":10,"actualQueryCost":10,"throttleStatus":{"maximumAvaila...
I tried for 3 days and the discount still loading. The status is "active" but doesn't works on checkout. Do I need Shopify Plus for creating a price rule from API or GraphQL? Is this "still loading" a Shopify Issue?
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