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We had to patch together a solution using Zapier and Salesflare. It works alright but we wish SalesForce allowed us to import customers who don't have custom domains.
Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to track new Shopify customers throughout the lifecycle stages. Below is an example of the breakdown I'd want. I've been looking for a CRM that links with Shopify to do something like this, but can't for t...
So i'm looking for a feature/app that allows me to setup a maximum quantity per VARIANT not product. Has anyone stumbled upon something that allows for this?For example if I have an ice cream store and have the following flavors + inventory in hand.L...
So I searched for an app to no avail for the following issue. We sell a product that has very specific taxes that need to be added at checkout. For example, Wine is taxed $.50/bottle in California but $.10/mL in Texas (wholesale prices). So the produ...
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