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Just wanted to check in on this again and see if there was an ETA. We're in planning for the next quarter and would love to know if we need to plan this in.
Thanks for this update Liam. Does the team have an estimated ETA for this fix? Will it have to wait for the next API release in April or will the fixes come to the current version as well?
Hi Liam, just checking if there was any update here?
Awesome, thanks Liam. If it is known/intentional it would be great to have that added to the limitations section in the developer docs, as I could not find any mention of it anywhere else.
We are using a cart transform functions to support a client that requires applying price changes based on line item properties in the cart. This price change takes effect perfectly for standard items with no selling plan allocations, but the instant ...
I'm running into the same issue with an app we're testing, could you expand on what you did to fix it? My understanding was also that we wouldn't need to add a configuration step if the configuration was already provided elsewhere, what did you do to...
Is there a way to manually throw an error in order to get access to debugging logs? I'm testing functions on a dev store with preview enabled, but the functions do not seem to be working after deploy and I can't figure out how to trigger an error rep...
Bumping this, would love an update on the status of the abandoned checkouts graphql endpoint, it would be much appreciated so we can batch some of our high frequency queries in an app we are building.
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