I set up a dropshiping store just over a month ago and have made some changes, any advice on what i have to next would help . starting to get traffic to the store but not sure if people are put off b...
when someone orders from your store and you are dropshipping from a supplier do the orders go direct to them or do you get them and have to send on to them .
https://fishpro4u.com/ i have set up a new dropshipping fishing store any help on it would be appreciated.
Hi all i have set up my store https://www.fishpro4u.com I think it still needs a lot of work but any advice would be helpful on what to do next .
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Thanks for the help 
After building my store i got all my products about 150 from aliexpress now i want to change the descriptions for them , what would be the best app to help . 
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