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Is there a way to add follwing information to the "Return Label for an Order" email template -1. Original order number2. Vendor name,3. Product title4. SKU
Hi @dre_6 did you find a solution for this? I'm experiencing a similar issue on our store. Pls help
Hi, Yes this code is correct, But when I checkout with multiple products then it will reject discount code for all products, Which seems wrong to me it should reject discount code for only product that I have define the code.
Hi, I would like to create a code in shopify script editor which will reject the discount code on a specific product instead of on all products, please suggest.
This will effect all products and not few. We want to change currency for a few products not all. 
We have added custom currency convertor for our store, and want to hide it few products on cart page. For eg If  we have added one normal product and another bundle product, but we want to show Euro in normal product and site default currency on Bund...
Hi, Can you pls throw some light on how did you fix it in the front end? We appear to have a similar issue here: even though the price is set as AUD from the backend, it shows up the prices in USD or HKG dollars even ...
Hi,    I am trying to add a discount where I have to match the conditions for customer tags and product tags. For example, if the customer tag is "VIP" and the product tag is "VIP", then a discount should apply for that product only.To achieve this I...
We're looking to take advantage of Shopify's new Subscriptions API to help allow our customers to try products for $1 before charging them the remaining amount of the product 30 days after, if they haven't returned it by then does the new Shopify sub...
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