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I'd like to complain about awful it is that Shopify's default action when canceling an order is to restock the item. I've had this scenario play out multiple times: Customer orders an item, there's an error and the item is not available, the order ge...
I agree. This really is a bad customer experience all around. We have a pretty solid mix of local pick-ups and shipped out orders and we're offering free shipping on orders over $74. Normal checkouts with the local pick-up option is smooth and works ...
Hoo boy. I've been trying to do a package intercept on an order that's in transit but has come up as a chargeback / fraudulent order. And for the record, it was low on the fraud scale. Has anyone had any success with this process?My tracking number i...
Wondering about this too. Editing the metafields using the bulk editor is painfully slow as is and it's a bummer they don't carry over.
The nuclear option. Thanks Richard!It sucks to lose all those IG tags, but better than ghost inventory with no solution on the horizon. Can confirm that it's a painless process following his steps. Easy to get resynced too.
Tira thanks for looking into this. I've tried following the steps in the article you posted, and the items repopulate shortly after being deleted. It's like a never ending zombie horde of out of stock products. Most of the products aren't even in our...
Having the same issue. Tried deleting the feed from every page that let me delete it, but it keeps showing up. Tried deleting the products individually... They just repopulate...
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