Site: I would like to bold just the "-50% OFF" of the announcement bar on the top. What would be the code to do that. (I should paste it on the theme.scss.liquid ...
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I use Debut and not Dawn, does it still work? Any solution with Debut?
Ok thank you. Do you know the code that does it?
@KetanKumarHello, I am so sorry to bother you.Would you have a solution for this problem please?
Hello, I tried to add the codes but didn't work... I think I might have done it wrong Could you please send me a vid where you explain?
Uhm I am not sure... Where do I have to put them? If it is ok for you, could you record a video like before to explain me?You could paste the code on a dummy Debut theme for example. Hope this doesn't bother you!
I am talking about accordion menus like those ones:  
That is not an accordion... An accordion is a menu that you can open and close...Google it please
Hello,  I see lots of website with super high quality video running automatically without any interface, essentially like a GIF but without the quality reduction. I would really like to know how it is done. Heard some people talk about getting the vi...
I use DebutWhat do you mean by "Menu Blocks"?
Hello, I have lots of legal pages on my footer (refund, ...) and would like to have an accordion that contains them all instead of having them all there. Is there an App or a code to do it? Thank you!   
I don't know why, but Debutify isn't in my theme library...
Hello, I offer free shipping to all my product and would like it to be shown inside the cart of the prospect. I am using Debutify, but would there be a code or a way with a page builder to do it?  (just like in the picture below) 
So I have to restart all from 0?Isn't there a code to do it?
Well as I said in the post it doesn't work in the "Customise" section...You can see it in the recording below
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