I would like to amend the footer into two columns with footer menu title. Can anyone teach me the code? Thanks!! My recent footer My preferred footer design
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I have create a image 1200*600px in canva and use it for slide show section . however, the width of the image is being cropped in mobile view. any code i can add on the page.css to allow full pc shown? thx
yes, but i still cant find my metafield for selection
I have created metafield in product category, however, i cannot find it when i try to link the metafield into the block section of "Image Collage" in product page, Please help, thx, I am using Dawn theme.   In the screenshot, it show that there are a...
 please guide to create a new functional button block, thx 
u mean the above code add to custom liquid block in product page?
I have created a new button snippet called "personalize-button.liquid". Inside the liquid, below code is inserted: <button class="personalize-button button--primary" style="width: 100%">Personalized</a> However, I would like the 'personalize button' ...
sorry, i cant find clear cache. And it just dont work 
I have created the new product page temple, with new product.json code and its liquid added. however, when i enter the product admin, the new page template cannot be shown in the choice of theme setting in the product. thx
I would like to create a button name 'personalize' in product page, and the button will direct to the webpage for  product customization. I have created a product metafield with URL value, and I hope that the 'personalize' button can link to the prod...
yes, i did. but still there are only word display in the storefront instead of color swatch.
Thanks for the reply, any difference if my file is name 'product.json' instaed of ' product.liquid'?  
Hello, thanks for the reply. However, I can find 'product.json' instead of 'product.liquid' in the theme. thanks 
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