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Please help. Sticky page overlaps page title. How do i push the page down? Website: www.shopemowa.com
Hello, I am trying to get rid of some white spaces. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work quite the way i want it. Store: www.shopemowa.com I am trying to remove the white ...
Hello, I did some margins and padding adjustments to get rid of some white space and condense some of the contents. Now my main menu only shows on the homepage. I know it is there because i se...
Page url: https://www.shopemowa.com/ I am trying to have the button say "shop men" and "shop women". Is it possible to do? Thank you in advance.
How to add a transparent boarder to menu options Brooklyn theme
Brooklyn Theme Store Is it possible to set up multiple product pages (Men and Women) that pulls from one single inventory? Although my products are unisex I will like to design each page to be gende...
Is there a way to create an automatic weekly free shipping? Say i want to offer "free shipping fridays". Is it possible to do without having to activate it weekly.
How can I change the color and text color to only my homepage? Thank you
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Thank you for responding. What i am trying to do is make BOTH images on my image banner clickable. 
Hello Experts, How can i make BOTH images in the image banner clickable? I will like each image to link to separate collection pages. Thank you in advance. 
Thank you for your response. I modified the question to better reflect what I am trying to accomplish.
Hello Shopify Experts, I would like to place two separate banner images, as shown in the attached image, with a Heading and link to each image.Using the Dawn theme banner, I was able to easily split the image into two, but I cannot place the Heading ...
Hello there, I am also running into the above issue with the new DAWN theme that i am yet to publish. 
Hello, I tried the solution above and my text color still remains white. Please help.
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