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Hello Shopify (Staff)Is there any way to want a feature on Shopify? I don't understand why the translationsRegister and translationsRemove mutations have not yet been released for bulk operation mutation?
hi I have the same problem, Plus Support told me the following: If you have tried renaming the payment gateway and it revert back to its original name, then it is likely something potentially contractual with the payment gateway which is preventing t...
Hi Shopify has a well described doc: The source of the checkout. To use this field for sales attribution, you must register the channels that your app is managing. You can register the channels that your app is managing by completing this Google Form...
If you communicate it internally like this and fill the data correctly then it is definitely a solution.You can also tag the variants via metafield or tag whether something is digital or not.
Hi The first argument is optional and ignored if present, so it can be removed. Ref. 
created_at_min must be lower than created_at_max example
Hi You must define the timestamp according to the format as in the documentation. For example: 2022-08-25T07:48:59+00:00 Ref.
Hi Use limit = 1 and created_at_max = (current datetime) to get the newest product only/admin/api/2021-10/products.json?limit=1&created_at_max=2022-08-25T07:48:59+00:00 You can generate the timestamp in the desired format with the following command:d...
Maybe the "X-Shopify-Access-Token" header is missing in your query.It's hard to give help to such a problem without any sample code. Would recommend to test a query via cURL or a client like Insomnia. Good luck
Looks like it only works if the query part does not contain newlines.In the API documentation are also all examples without newlines in the query part. curl -X POST \ \ -H 'Content-Type: ap...
We can confirm the same issue with the current api version (2022-07). At the moment my workaround is to make the InventoryLevel from the FulfillmentService exclusive and remove all others from the InventoryItem. I have not yet tested what happens if ...
hi hauraki i'm not familar with ruby; in the example app from shopify i found the part with hmac validation, maybe it helps for you: reference:
You need to use the query string instead of body. example with fetch_stock.json request:<?php echo $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; // max_retries=3&
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