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@MarinaPetrovic That works perfect, I have one more issue, I want to show this snippet only one time for one customer at a time. is you can help me that would be great.
Hi All, I created one snippet code and linked it that snippet on theme.liquid file as a {% render  'location-popup' %}. Now everything works correct but the issue is this snippet shows on all pages of the website and I just want to show this snippet ...
Hi All, I have website which link is here We have 16k products to sell, for now we need to make beers categories to not available for shipping on the website, Can you have any solutions for it. Is there any app or help woul...
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu , Can you please look into this matter still this code is not working, drawer menu is going to be closed but the menu is nor redirect when it needs to be redirect. Here is the link of my website
Hi @zahid3d29 Actually, I have an issue on mobile side, when you click on navigation menu on mobile menu and click on shop button it will take you to the home page shopify section but the drawer menu wont close, it needs to be close when someone clic...
I changed some of code, Like the id taken wrong, I replaced that with #HeaderDrawer. And now my code is attached below. Its working the drawer menu got close, but it not directs to particular section. <script src="
Thanks for quick reponse but the code is not working, I put this code at bottom of theme.liquid file. The drawer menu is not closing still.
hi vrago, I put this code on my theme.liquid file but its not working on my dawn theme. Can you please check here is the link of my website @VRAGO 
@GemPages @KetanKumar @zahid3d29 @Made4uo-Ribe 
Hi, I need to close sidemenu on mobile when click on any menu, for ex. if someone click on shop page it needs to take on shop page section and close the sidemenu on mobile. Here is the link of my website
Hi There,I added shopify sections on my navigation menu using ids of sections in dawn theme. but now the issue occurs is that on mobile menu when customer click on that menu it will take you to that section directly but the drawer menu is not close a...
I added image under each variant, and hide all the variant label from the image, but now I need to print all the value of variant aside of option name. I used this code to do this  <legend class="form__label">{{ | append: '' }} - <span id...
Ok thank you for quick response but  can you tell me how to fix this?
Hi, I have website built on debutifiy 4.1.0, and on featured product when I click on add to cart button it just spinning continuously but products get added on cart. Here is the link of my website
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