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Is there a way to rearrange products in an order? I receive large multiple item orders often and it would help order picking efficiency if I was apply to reorganize the items within an order. 
You can technically run Shopify POS on Bluestacks, a desktop program that allows you to run apps on the google play store. I tested this very briefly  and it seems to work for the most part. the layout is kind of off though. I haven't tested hardware...
I just had this same thing happen to me today. The bank double dipped and took twice the amount of the order total and Shopify said they have no control of this but yet they allow it to happen on their platform. This is actually robbery and a class a...
I'm using the warehouse theme and I'm not sure if this issue occurs across other themes but I've found out that when a customer adds an item to the cart using the quick buy or quick add button from a product collection page and then adds the same pro...
What a stupid solution. For me, that literally doesn't do anything because the scanner itself is not correctly scanning any barcode. it will literally skip digits. Frustrating that they think this will solve it.
having the exact same issues. keyboard not showing up and can't scan items. POS is unusable for me.
So I just started using the Shop app channel and I've already started getting more orders than expected which is nice. However, I've been noticing quiet a few people bypassing my shipping charges by selecting the local pickup option. This is starting...
I've contacted support several times about this but they refuse to tell me why I'm not eligible. I believer I am eligible and haven't broken any TOS. Can someone please give me an explanation. Thank you.
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