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How do I move the menu bar below the logo on Debut theme? Looking forward to make it something like this. 1. Menu bar below the logo. 2. Less spacing/padding. 3. Search box, to fill the empty spac...
Hi, I am seeing a lot of answers on how to do it, but all of the answers are codes for theme.css.liquid. However, mine doesn't have that. I only have theme.css. Why is that? How do I change its spaci...
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I'm not sure why. Is there a difference if I'm using ios? the thing is, also in Shopify admin, the nav menu is still sticky...
did you check it using your phone?
Hi, Thanks for your reply. I tried to paste the code but the nav menu is still sticky for the mobile view.
Hi, how can I make it a non-sticky menu for mobile view? Originally, empire theme is non-sticky menu but I added a code to make it otherwise. the downside is it also became non-sticky on mobile view and the page can't be seen anymore seen it's coveri...
Hi, I need this menu to be in 1 row. Either reduce the font size or the padding. Website linkThanks! 
This one still works, thanks!! I added it on my Online Store->Theme->Edit codeassets->theme.css.liquid
your answer was really helpful, although there is another problem. the menu was kept when scrolled down, but when you try to scroll it back all the way up, it disappears. 
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to keep the main menu sticking all the way down. If you will check my website, it is only keeping the main menu halfway. Here's the website's link.
Hi, I made some customization on my website, and for some reason, the breadcrumb is not working properly.  There are no breadcrumbs for this section: after clicking one from the 3 subcategories, the breadcrumbs appear, but the main category won't app...
Hi, Can we do something like this - catalog? If yes, how?  Thanks.
Oh I’ve seen it, thanks!!
Oh right, I remember that option. The only problem is, I use automatic because there are quite a lot of products in each collections. If I want to sort it manually, I also have to add it manually in the collection. i guess that’s my only option, righ...
Hi, How can I sort the products shown in each collection manually?   
Hi all, I just need help with password-protecting one page.  I'm currently using Empire Theme. Here's the link to the website. The page is located on the header, it is named "Avilla". Thanks in advance!
Thanks! I just hope someone can give me what code should I change and what code should I replace it with.
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