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Hi Please help. Lets say I have a store that sells just Samsung Galaxy phones and I have a product which is "Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra" For my collection list and product names, I dont want to k...
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HiI am building on Dawn 5.0 I have created a secondary layout file (theme.schools.liquid) apart from my default primary layout file (theme.liquid). I intend to use the secondary layout on specific pages where I want a different page layout (i.e. diff...
Thanks, your article is very insightful and clears up many of the doubts Ihad with structured data from my site including duplicate sets ofstructured data, google warnings regarding no reviews, etc.
Thank you for this article. It was very insightful and covered many of the doubts I had about structured data on my site. 
No, I did not. I have removed the SPR app temporarily which has removed theextra structured content while somehow still allowing the originalstructured data to pull aggregate rating information.I am still looking for a solution which will allow me to...
HiThe Shopify Review App creates a duplicate set of rich data fields for each product so on Google Search I can see for each product, there are duplicate product listings (see below):  I had managed to remove this on my previous DEBUT theme by adding...
HiWere do you apply this code? I want to remove the SPR JSON-LD from my website as well.
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