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Hi Dar09! Hope you are doing well!This is only possible if you have Shopify plus. The compare_at price can be accessed in the checkout through the checkout.line_items object, however this change will require some DOM manipulation so I recommended hav...
Hi AirMaXon! Hope you are doing well!If I understand correctly, you are using the free "Venture" theme, right? If so, just duplicate this theme back to your store and copy the password.liquid file from it to your theme.
Hi W!I checked it on a mobile device with 4G and Wi-Fi, I also checked it on various sites with site analysis, no problems were found. Sorry, but I can't help you with anything, since I can't reproduce your problem and your site loads very quickly on...
Hi msawyer9616. Hope you are doing well!Try this code:{{ media | video_tag: controls: true, autoplay: true, height: "600px"}}I also recommend adding "muted: true" so that autoplay works correctly on all devices, since IOS devices and some others proh...
Hi Wolfe! Hope you are doing well!I didn't find any problems on your site, the pages are loaded quickly. Page speed indicators are normal:, Check your internet speed, or provide more information, maybe...
Hi OmYoga! Hope you are doing well!I would like to clarify, are you talking about the background color?Alex
Hi Hillside! Hope you are doing well!If I understood you correctly, then you do not want to reduce padding, but generally completely remove the indentation between the header and the slider, right? If so, here's the CSS code for solving this problem:...
Hi Jason. Hope you are doing well!Can you provide a link to your store and if it is password protected, then also provide store password so that I can provide you with a solution.Alex
Hi arnoldyosh!The error is on the side of App, which means you need to write to the support of this App with the problem for its further elimination. You can find support contacts on the App page -
Yes, I see your problem, for some reason, all product variants are trying to be displayed in the proposals, but only the current variant should be indicated. I can help you with this, but for this I will need access to your themes so that I can study...
Yes, you can do that. To do this, you need to display the setting with the choice of centering the picture in the customizer. But I will not be able to provide you with a step-by-step solution, since i need to look into the theme code. You can also h...
I did make a few customizations to myactual site, so if you could take a look at that and make suggestions, that would be awesome.This site has a minimum height of 400 pixels for this banner, it looks decent, is minimally cropped. I like. How else ca...
Hi Jay! Hope you are doing well!This problem is due to the fact that the aspect ratio of the images does not coincide with the container on the mobile phone, so the images are cropped. There are many solutions, for example, I can suggest changing the...
Hi Firehawk! Hope you are doing well!If you do not use Shopify Plus, then you cannot do this. For reference: Alex
Hi ABISSTOR! Hope you are doing well!Usually when a store shows as unavailable then your best bet would be to reach out to Shopify Support for assistance. Only they can help you.Alex
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