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Thanks @GildedSocial! Normally you should be able to change the styling, including colors, from within the Stamped Product Review app settings. Under Apps in Shopify, search Stamped to login to the Stamped Dashboard. It looks like the following docum...
One thing that you may want to look into is simply adding a Buy button to your existing domain's product landing page: https://www.shopify.com/buy-button 
Hi @DariaShypulia, If www.example.com is hosted by another third-party (DreamHost, GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc..) then I believe you could do something similar by adding a CNAME record for a subdomain, like shop.example.com, where Shopify loads on. Then, ...
Hi @GildedSocial, to receive help please confirm the following: 1) Name of the website this post is regarding.2) Whether or not you're working in a preview theme (if so, please provide a preview link to the theme in question).3) Which review app or p...
Hi @marta12 , if you wouldn't mind, please confirm the name of the theme you have installed? Also, if you can provide a full page screenshot of the theme customizer you're trying to edit, I'd be happy to take a look to see if there's an easy way to m...
@Jace2 Great! To be honest, if I were you I'd ask the Shopify support rep that made the change to correct the alignment. However, if you feel comfortable editing code, I'd do this: 1) Duplicate the active theme by going to Online Store > Themes, clic...
Thanks @Jace2, It looks like you figured it out? I don't see the message you're referring to on the cart page, there is no shipping info listed beneath the subtotal:
Hi Jace2, The code and where to put it will depend on which theme you're using and which, if any, customizations have been made to the cart page. Please post a link to your store, I can probably show you how to add a CSS snippet for your cart page th...
If the checkout page is loading significantly slower than the rest of your site, it's possible something is interfering with the 'proceed to checkout' button, potentially a tracking script or other custom code that has an error. The other possibility...
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