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I get this response from the API: '{"errors":{"base":["An error occurred, please try again"]}}' My request is { "fulfillment": { "order_id": [REDACTED], "line_items": [{ "id": [R...
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Hi, this is a follow-up for my previous question:'m using this solution and it worked well for me  Now, I have a selling plan for a monthly subscription, wit...
Hi. I'm working on a Subscriptions app that uses shopify GraphQL.Recently I increased the number of selling plan options i'm using from 2 to 3when I updated my products in my production shop, it broke the website, specifically the liquid {{ product |...
Hi @J-ROM , thanks for replying. Thanks for updating the docs, this might help others. The options I was using were* billing policy description (in words - like "billed yearly")* delivery policy description (in words - like "delivered every 3 months"...
Hi, I'm trying to update my selling plan group and add a fourth option for the UI, but I get the following error from GraphQL:  Too many selling plan group options (maximum 3 options)  3 options are not enough,  is this truly the limit? can it be in...
Hi,I need to make it possible to buy some product X only together with product Y.I saw this forum thread that suggests using shopify apps for that.Is it possible to do it with shopify API or shopify GraphQL instead?
Hi @dwyckoff , thanks for your reply!I see that there's an "automatic Buy X Get Y discount" I can use to set the hardware price to 0.I wonder if there's a way to enforce that it will be impossible to buy the subscription without also having the hardw...
Hi,I built a subscription app that uses Shopify GraphQL.How can I configure a selling plan where the user pays every month or every year, but an order is created only once?The idea is that the customer will get the hardware for free, and will pay for...
@qc11 Thanks a lot! It worked
I built a subscriptions app that uses Shopify GraphQL, and now I got a requirement to have a free trial period for some subscriptions that we want to sell at my company. Ideally I would like to have a selling plan that has the first payment at 0$, or...
It was a permission issue. I had to request permissions for the app to access subscriptions from the shopify partners settings.I ended up using graphql instead of webhooks though.
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