Hi, I'm trying to change the product title size to make it slightly smaller. When I do this on the product page, it changes the size of the text on the product page and all of the headings across my...
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Hello! I'm using DAWN theme.  Whenever I select a product variant (size), the page scrolls back up. This is quite frustrating for the user. Is there any way to fix this issue? I've seen other posts saying the fix is in the Media-Gallery.JS page; but ...
The 'out of stock' styles isn't in that file; I've also done CTRL + F to search for the word 'out', but only 'outline' comes up
Hello!  I am well thank you for asking. I hope you are too? Could you clarify which CSS file I need to be looking for please? Thank you
Hello!  shop URL is www.rubydesignsclothing.com  
Hello! I want to change the colour of the 'out of stock' from grey (see image below) to red (preferably #e20000). I'm on the latest DAWN theme.  Thank you in advance  
Hi @deepaksharma! Just wanted to check in if you've got any updates? 
Hey @deepaksharma   I've also heard that Shopify don't recommend autoplay, but I feel for my customer base they would enjoy seeing it this way. "Yet we can enable autoplay by playing around with codes, but if you simply enable it using HTML which is ...
Hello! Theme = Dawn 13.0.1 I have product videos on my store, and I've come across a slight issue.  On mobile view, when I scroll/swipe through the product images, the product video doesn't play automatically, and I have to click on the play button l...
Hi Theodore!  Thank you for your message. Ahh okay I see, that makes a lot of sense! Thank you for informing me of the lack of support for WebP format. I've now changed the files to mp4 format. I've realised that the video has controls on it; is ther...
I have uploaded a WebP file to my product listing in order to showcase my product through a video. However, when I go on the product listing, I can see the WebP file moving in the preview carousel, but I am greeted with this white screen and blue box...
Thank you so much! I completely forgot about the Inspect Element option on my browser, but thanks to your guidance I was able to locate where the code was (theme.liquid) and removed it, now the issue has been resolved  
Hello   My store URL is: https://rubydesignsclothing.com/
I'm having some trouble with this blank space that has appeared at the end of my footer. I'm not sure how I can remove this. Could someone please advise on how the removal of this blank space would be possible?    
Hi Ollie! My theme is Dawn 13.0.1. If we could speak over DM, it'll be easier to explain and share images if that's okay with you?  
Do you know the code to add autoplay and where to input the code?
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