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The whole point is we don't want to use an app to reply to messages on a blog, it should be part of it from the start, it makes NO sense that shopify made a blog template without this ability built in. Obviously they did this deliberately to get plug...
As you can see from her linking the old thread from 2019 there are a LOT of people giving feedback about this. Why would you have it possible to reply to messages on here and not on your blog? It's a no brainer to need comments and replies on a blog,...
Yeah, why is it we can reply on here but not on our own shopify shops? Daft beyond measure. SURELY there must be a reason, they must be making money out of it somehow. 
Yeah I gave up on their blog system and just use Wordpress for mine and send them there. Not ideal since I'd prefer it all in one place, but hey ho, I've given up! 
Of course it's a tax write off, however for a blog system to not have a built in replying system already there is BONKERS. 
Yeah, super frustrating. It is such a ballache to change sites though, I'm kind of stuck with it I think at the moment. 
Yeah. I doubt they'll ever change it though as they clearly must get a lot of money from allowing apps to do this. I resolved my issue by just linking my blog to another site (wordpress) instead. But it shouldn't be necessary. 
Yeah I have to say, while I love all the things like bulk editing etc - it does make me wonder whether to go back to Squarespace when my year runs out with Shopify, at least they have analytics as part of it. It seems on the surface that it's not too...
I've stopped using Shopify for my blog for this reason, I gave up! 
I've just been trying to find out how to do this too. I've just built my own membership website using Wordpress (which is a horror in itself haha!) and it's immediately possible to reply to comments. I don't know why Shopify would have comments and n...
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