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Here's the product page for reference
I have a stock bar on my product pages which displasy whether a product is "ready to ship" or "made to order" based on whether the item has stock or doesn't. My issue is that for products that have inventory for only specific variants - the bar displ...
I am trying to re-create something similar to the following from where I have an an addition 'more details' row on my product page using metafields. At the moment when I input my metafields it only displays the values. I need help also dis...
I would like to remove this headline that says "Description" from my description section My store is any help would be appreciated
you can send a collaborator request
could you please implement it for me?
as well as to do the automatically calculation of 10x the product price for whichever product page your are on
yes I know how to add text, the hard part is the "info" icon with the popup that I dont know how to create
I would like to replicate this information widget from (refer to screenshot below) I'd like to make it so it says "Compare to ${{insert product price 10x the amount of my...
thanks, yea I decided to change that. Should the quantity set be "qty < 1" or "qty <0" for the request above?
thanks, should i change it to "qty < 1" if I want to be the basis whether there is 0 stock or more than 0 /or at least 1 in stock?
because with the current rules of "if available" it still still sets products that have 0 stock as "ready to ship" rather than "made to order"
for example most of our product have 0 stock but have the "continue selling when out of stock" option turn one - those are referred to our "Made to order" products. Our other products which do have stock added in our backend, should be shown as "read...
can the basis of the tag be whether the product has either 0 stock or more than 0 stock
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