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It says "fixed" is not a valid attribute in theme check
It says "fixed" is not a valid attribute in theme check,"presets": [ { "name": "Advert Title", "fixed": { "position": 1 } } ]
Hello, I wanted to know if theres a way to prevent sections from being moved in the Customizer when working with Json templates. Is there a way to make the fixed so that they remain in place? I attached a screenshot below to further clarify my issue....
Hi Barlojoe, In your themes code editor, search the buy-button element's id: "Checkout-button", under the sections folder in the product page section you will see a link to the location of your product page's buy-button. This is where you will see th...
No problem have a great day.
@LaurenE If you want to change the background-color and font color of the menu drawer, add the following code to the bottom of the component-list-menu.css (you may see component-list-menu.css) file in the Assets folder. If this answer satisfies your ...
Hi @AliBeachPL what is your store's myshopify address. I will request shopify collaborator access to access your theme code and make the appropriate changes.
@marcelp I fixed this issue for you in Symmetry-TechQA__HideNewIn
@marcelp  Send me a private message, I will troubleshoot your problem free of charge.
Hi @HannahRose-M , I think the product description code may be in the product-form.liquid located in the /snippets folder. Did you check there for product description?
@marcelp  when you add this code to the bottom of assets/styles.css it should look like the following screenshot on a Iphone..product-price, .innerer { justify-content: center; align-items: center; text-align: center; margin: 0; } .p...
@LaurenE Your code would be located in assets/base.css  (or assets/base.css.liquid). Whichever one you see in the assets folder, but the pre-fix is base.css. If this answer satisfies your question, please don't forget to Like and Accept as Solution. ...
@LaurenE  for us to know what file you have to inject the code into, please provide a link to your store so we can see the theme. Thanks!
This is the code I used if it helps. filterMedia() { // scroll thumbnail slider to the beggining document.querySelector("#m-slider").scrollTo(0, 0); if ( this.currentVariant.featured_image != null && this.currentVariant.featu...
@barlojoe this is what I see unfortunately.
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