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Thank you, what a ball ache that was
This solution may not be suitable for most, it does require knowledge of Javascript but it is now possible to achieve this using a workaround with Shopify Flow.Converting tags to metafields using Shopify flow 
Hi Jossara, Your global.js has some code missing at the end: customElements.define('product-recommendations', ProductRecommendations); (function () {  Although it is not related to the slider it may be causing other code not to run, try co...
The pushdaddy livechat would be my guess.
Automatic discounts are available in the storefront API under checkout -> lineItems -> discountAllocations but these are specific to the customer rather than the product so I'm not sure how you could get them to display on the product page. The norma...
Also seeing this all of a sudden but only when an offer has been applied to the checkout. When the user returns to the cart and tries to modify lineitems.
I imagine this solution will cause other issues with import tax and other things.Is there any intent on fixing this @Shopify ? It has taken me a long time to discover that dynamic taxes are working, just not on our primary market (United Kingdom).
Hi, I have enabled dynamic tax inclusive pricing on our store but it always shows prices excluding VAT. I am based in the UK where prices typically show inclusive of VAT +20%. But even when logged in to an account (with a default shipping address in ...
Hi, I am wondering why Shopify has limited the Gift Card notification liquid object to not include the {{ gift_card.product }}.My client has a site with multiple gift card products customised by event 'Valentines', 'Christmas' etc. We would like to s...
I've not tested this but Shopify not saving the number could be related to validation.The shopify API requires phone numbers to be formatted E.164 I believe and if you submit anything else it rejects it.
I had this same issue.the button text section requires an extra value:"text": { "button": "Add to cart", "outOfStock": 'Coming Soon' } 
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