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Hi, We have built a mobile app (with Flutter) for shopping, where we for checkout call the GraphQL checkoutCreate mutation and then open a web view with Shopify's checkout (webUrl) to complete payme...
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I'm trying to create a flow that based on a schedule updates some collection metadatafields. But when I connect a Schedule trigger => Get collection data > Update collection metafield I get the error shown in the screenshot below:  If I however chang...
Hey @DanAtBonify , just so I understand, you consider the orders/paid webhook reliable, i.e. it's not in conflict with orders/updated?Thanks!
Hi,We have a consumer mobile app that creates orders in Shopify for hyper-local delivery of products by bicycle, so it's key that the orders get fulfilled from the right location (closest to where the user lives, determined by the mobile app). Curren...
Hi! We're building a native mobile app, using Shopify as our backend, for shopping and fast local delivery of groceries from our own darkstore. When an order comes in, we need to pick it super quick (one order at a time), and I'm looking for tips for...
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