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I'm struggling with this same question.  I have 16 original artworks which can be sold with our without a frame.  I don't want to list anything twice because these are original works of art.  I only have one of each.  But I offer them either framed f...
I have this same problem.  Shopify POS is highly problematic in many ways.  We also have the problem where the POS system gets clogged up showing products that are not available for sale.  It takes the staff enormous time sorting through unavailable ...
If you have an older theme, this will not get fixed.  You need to relaunch with an upgraded theme.  I got this info from the tech support team.  I'm using Debut and this is no longer supported as it is a "sunset" theme.  I will spend the day redesign...
No. If you have a Debut theme (or any older theme) this is "expected behavior"and you have to redesign with a new theme, redo any coding that you hired people to do, and relaunch your store.    At the holiday  no less...
I'm having this issue and customer service was able to replicate it.  So it is a Shopify issue for the Debut theme.  They are looking at how to fix it for us.
Shopify reports have changed, so that the systems you've used in past months to manage and plan are all gone.  It's frustrating to have things change under your feet while you're trying to run a shop!
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