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Hi, How to hide currency RM XX MYR to RM XX? The website use Geolocation from Shopify. url:
Hi, How to change Search title on tab for venture theme? It seems every search on website return Search: 10 results found for "product". I tried testing using original theme code, the results it sti...
Hi, Any ideas to fix this? When a product card name has many text, it will overlap the image. I used Venture theme. url: Thank you. ...
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Hi @June ,1. Is this your first order? If no, when did you last successfully process payment for an order?Yes this is my first order.2. What payment gateway(s) do you have active on your store and which one have you and your customer used? Shopify pa...
Hi Shopify,A customer complained to me that he got error message 'card was declined' when he tried to pay the order. So I also tried to test and make payment and my card also declined. How to fix this problem?Thank url : https://durianbiker...
Hi,The website use USD currency, so I just want know how to hide MYR text on price when currency change to MYR RM.  
Hi,How to hide currency RM XX MYR to RM XX? The website use Geolocation from Shopify.url: 
I have 3 collections which are best selling helmets (The most popular items in Helmets) , helmet closeouts and helmets (All products) on one collection page called Helmets. So I want to show pagination for best selling helmets and helmet closeout by ...
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