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Indeed you must be a Sales Channel and have the Payment Processing enabled. In case you meet these requirements:- Are you using a testing store? If yes, you should check if you have bogus active (testing payment processing). If you enabled bogus afte...
Hey Dan. I hope this helps.This is the query you can use to get the shopifyPaymentsAccountId:shop { id name paymentSettings { shopifyPaymentsAccountId } } Remember, you must query to shopify storefront api (graphql). Also you ...
I finally made it. Using express i created a middleware to write Content-Security-Policy header as they required on absolutely ALL endpoints, with the next code:export const CspMiddleware = async (req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction) => {...
Sure! And I still have the problem. I think the preflight check (OPTIONS verb) is my headache. Let's keep this post up to date to help other devs to save time
Thank you for your response, Denis. As i see, we must set this header in each endpoint concerned to Shopify. Am i right?
Hey there. I'm experiencing the same problem. What worked for you?
Hey community. I'm experiencing problems when i try to install an app with the following permission:read_merchant_approval_signalsIt throws a 400 error:Oauth error missing_shopify_permission: read_merchant_approval_signals I hope someone could help m...
Hey everyone!I'm using the shopify graphql api (appSubscriptionCreate mutation) to create an app subscription pay as you go. It used to work but i've been testing the app today and for some reason it doesn't work anymoreI'm getting this message after...
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