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have you got logging enabled on the server? This will really help tie down what's causing issues.. probably worth adding some debugging steps to every part of the code you receive/process the webhooks
Hey - This looks like a rough spot you're in. It sounds like you've done all the right things to prevent getting hit. Hopefully it will be enough.It's potentially unlikely, but he might be a refund fraudster. It's not uncommon for folks to use their ...
You can't persist passwords against a customer, or authenticate against a customer in any way.However, if you're authenticating customers within your own app/site, you could then associate an order via the API to that Shopify customer
This isn't possible from outside the App, only via the ajax API which has to be done within the store theme/domain.See this thread for more details:
what do you logs say? is it possibly failing on the HMAC verification? Have you copied your keys over too?
no, once it's in the card vault, it can't be retrieved, it's only a POST endpoint:
Perhaps post a list of the apps and we may be able to help? I guess there's a number of them, alternatively it could be part of the template
Possibly not as I assume the contract is between you and the Expert, worth opening a ticket with Shopify to confirm.
You get the API tokens via going through the OAuth flow: you have the API token you can either iterate through the Orders API endpoints:
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