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Hello, Is there a way to show which sizes are out of stock on the drop-down menu when a customer is looking at available sizes? I have attached an image of the available size options, but I ...
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Were you able to figure this out?
No luck. I found <head> and added the code, but I don't see a change. Did I put it in the right spot? 
Hello, thank you for your reply.  I am having trouble finding "site.scss.css". When I search for it nothing comes up. Do you know what file it would be under?
I am having a hard time figuring out how to change the underline color on hover with the Pipeline theme. It doesn't appear to be an option in the theme settings.  I have tried this code, but no luck.  .header__menu-item span:hover {color: red;} Store...
Can someone help me figure out why these numbers are showing up at the top of our website? They are on every page.    
Hi, I was wondering if this is something you were able to find out. I'm also having the same issue. 
We use Flodesk for email marketing and Postscript for SMS marketing currently, which means there are two pop ups. Is there is a way to connect Flodesk with Postscript so customers only have to enter information on one popup instead of one for their e...
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