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  I attached a photo of an example of an "add to cart" button that i would love to implement into my store. The button looks good when it is aligned with the width if the product image. Is t...
Hi there, I am currently using the debut theme. I want to edit my footer and customize it to have the newsletter as an "about us" section and a "contact" section But in the customize footer page, I...
The prices on my product page and home page have disappeared. I am not sure why. I went to the general setting to format the currency and all the info there seemed good and as it should be, but the p...
Hi there, I am using the debut theme and currently when I click on a collection, it scrolls down to some product in a specific part of that same page that is products within that collection. ...
I am getting an error message. I think I may have done something wrong while trying to fix another issue. But i am not sure what I may have done to give me this message. I am using the debut t...
When I search for a product in my page. The result shows up with this error to the right. Why is this the case and how can I fix this? I am using the debut theme. This is my website:&...
I wanted to be able to make the font of my product titles to be smaller, but when I do that, my collection titles also are affected as well as the product titles in the product page. H...
My products are currently showing the highest price of a variant. How can I make it where the lowest price is being shown across all products in all pages?
Hi there, I have 60 minutes of free shopify support for design. I wanted a feature that would allow my cart to be a popup drawer on the right side of my website, instead of a separate page. I ...
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On my debut theme, when I land on my collections page, there isn't a button to go back to the homepage unless I click on the logo.How can I add a button that will redirect my to my homepage? Thank you in advance !!
I have been trying to get in contact with shopify support, but I am not able to get to a page to write them a message or talk to them. I went to the contact page that redirects me to "login" if I have a website. Once I log in, I am REDIRECTED back to...
Thank you for fixing it for me. Is there a way we can have it where it scrolls down really fast to the collection  instead of it appearing? 
@LitExtension Thanks for replying. Just to clarify, I want the redirection to stay in the same page just to go down to the collection I have displayed. In there they can click on "view all" and it can take them to the collection page. I hope that mad...
I want a simple website where I can just display all the products in the homepage. Is this possible with my "debut" theme?Currently I have it where all my products are within a collection called "All Lamps" displayed in my homepage that allows for 5 ...
I am using the Debut theme and when I click on the collections listed, instead of being redirected to the collection page, I want it to redirect to the same collection displayed below in that same page. Link to my website: https://simpledup.myshopify...
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