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Hi, The code worked. Thank you for your time. - Mac
Hi, It worked! Much appreciated and thank you for your time. - Mac
Hi I want to change the colour of my contact form submit button from it's current white colour to RGB value of #638C1C in line with my website colour scheme. I think I may have previously altered  the button colour to white when I changed the form ba...
HeyIt worked! Thank you so much. Much appreciated.
Hello, Most of the items I will be selling require personalisation so I have created a product page to accept personalised information using a textarea form field (link below). I want to capitalise all three form field labels including:1.) Colour opt...
1.) Is there any way I can make the font size of the "Colour" and "Quantity"  headings larger and bolder?2.) I would also like to similarly increase the font size of the "Add to Cart" and "Buy it Now" wordings and make them bolder. These adjustments ...
Hey!It worked! Much appreciated. Thank you. 
Here is the link to the page:
Hello, I applied the script as advised. However, it made no difference to either the font size or boldness of the colour drop down menu option text. Please advise.
Hello Azam,Thank you for your assistance. Which file should I add this script to and also which section of the file should it be added?
Hi, I'm using Shopify Dawn theme and would like to make the following changes to my default product page: (1.) I want to create a black border around the Color selection drop down menu list so that it looks like the borders around the "Quantity" sele...
Hi Miles,Thank you so much for your quick reply! I want to learn all the elements required to first build a shop front for a brand and then scale it up. That includes marketing on social media and Google Adwords. I really appreciate your link on ''Ho...
Hi I didn't realise Shopify has relevant courses to help store owners succeed online. Neither did I realise they are free! How can I access these Shopify Compass Courses? 
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