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My problem is that once I have updated the variant order in the admin dashboard, the JSON representation of the product's variants does not reflect the new order, as I've explained in the opening post.
So, I'm trying to get products json within my custom template search.data.liquid:... {%- for product in search.results -%} ... {{ product | json }} ...And I discovered, that variants in products json are ordered differently, than they are ordered in ...
If I understand correctly, there's no way to move individual line items with GraphQL or rest api after order is created. This question has been raised before:https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-APIs-SDKs/Update-location-of-Individual-SKU-via-API/...
Thanks, but moving fulfillment order isn't enough for me, I need to split it into 2 different fulfillment orders. Example structure:Existing:order-fulfillment order1--line item1--line item2--line item3--line item4--line item5 Desired:order-fulfillmen...
I'm trying to split Order LineItems between 2 locations, based on custom logic. All LineItems belong to the same FulfillmentOrder by default.Example order:Filfillment Order 1 (LocationId1):   LineItem a   LineItem b   LineItem c   LineItem d   LineIt...
Thanks, I'm aware of this method. Was hoping to find a more civilized approach  Looks like I'll have to use this manipulation since support isn't helpful.
We don't have "bk-tracking" snippet, or any other snippet, containing this code.Here's part of our theme.liquid:  <!-- content_for_header start --> {{ content_for_header }} <!-- content_for_header end -->  and that's how resulting html code lo...
Thanks for reaching out. The script is not present in the list.
Our site used to have an app called Beeketing, then, apparently, it was improperly uninstalled, and the following code still gets injected in content_for_header:(function (doc, scriptPath) { var sc, node, today=new Date(),dd=today.getDate(),mm=to...
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