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Hello @ShopifyDevSup ,thank you for your response and explanation. But as I mentioned before I want to apply a search filter to retrieve either Subscriber or NotSubscribed customers, for this in the deprecated version I use accepts_marketing: true/fa...
Hello Community, I found a very very weird behavior using  GET /admin/api/2022-10/customers/search.json? API calls I have a few customers imported through the CSV file into my store all have accepts_marketing=yes,When I create an API call passing acc...
In the end, figured it out that: if we separate the date in apostrophes it worksEx :updated_at:>'2022-03-13T14:00:00.000Z' Wrong Notation: updated_at:>2022-03-13T14:00:00.000Z It will be great to specify it somewhere in the documentation!
Anybody is here from Shopify? We cannot find this neither in documentation neither in other posts
Hello,we are using search API 'GET /admin/api/2022-01/customers/search.json' passing the next query parameter'updated_at:>2022-03-13T14:00:00.000Z' we observed that this call returns all entries updated at that date not only those that have been upda...
Problem Description:We implemented oAuth flow to install and connect Shopify store to our app (Tapp), to be able to expose our integration to public customerswe have to make it public. While reviewing its listing, we were asked to make our applicatio...
Hi,our product is designed to connect through oAuth flow to Shopify and get client's customer list  using the REST API call.The implementation works great for private-app, problems appears when we want to make this integration public for all stores, ...
We use Shopify API to fetch customers data in our application. When we receive 'customers/data_request' how can we identify merchant email to be notified?, when by oauth flowwe got only accesstoken no other information. Thank you.
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