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Add this to your theme.liquid file in the style tag, and your background should become that off-white color. body { background: #f2f2f2; } Hope this helps, Cheers!
Hi @SaltCityCactus  I would suggest raising a live ticket, where you can connect with an agent in real-time and get this issue resolved. Hope this helps!
Hi @hopecrawford711  Please share your shop URL, so I can suggest better. Justin
Hi @bensutrecht030  Please share the website URL, and also the storefront password if it's locked. Then only I can suggest a code change. Cheers!
Do you mean login to your admin, or your storefront? Please share your shop URL if that helps. Might be an issue on the frontend.Else try reaching out to Shopify support directly via this page: https://help.shopify.com/ They can definitely do somethi...
Hey @Aimi  Please see if this helps your case: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/notifications/edit-template Cheers!
Please see if this guide is helpful. https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/import-export/export-products 
Hi @DaveD  Justin here. Since you want to add trust badges, there are a bunch of free options available on the app store for that. You should give them a shot. But if you want to set this up without an app, then you could refer to the MDN documentati...
Hi @Flo2802  Can you please share an example?Or maybe the URL of the page where I can see this. Thanks!
Hi @iniudicatus  What specifically do you want to export, only the IDs? Or the full variant details in an excel or CSV sheet? Please clarify.Thanks! 
Hi @Testuser123123  What kind of workflow are you looking to set up?Also please share your shop URL if that helps us understand the concern a bit better. Thanks!
Hi @Shop_ify_theft  I'm sure someone from @Shopify  can help you out with this, if you have the emails or Order ID, or the shop URL where you made that purchase.Please feel free to share with them via email or live chat. And they should point out whi...
Hi @fadeinartistry  You might have disabled javascript on your browser. Please ensure that you have allowed all the necessary stuff and try reloading the page. Or try another browser. If it persists there - then the issue might be related to your ISP...
Hi @duong-nguyen  I'm sorry to say, but there is no way to get that data. Since it was never saved in the first place. Alas!
Hi @bennyam @MarshallLainey, This is indeed really painful to see. All I could do here is suggest you some Third-party apps that let you get those confirmation emails and even more notifications. Guaranteed every time. But alas, there doesn't seem to...
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