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I searched but found no solution. Is it possible to create a multi-column menu in Supply Theme without app? Thank You!
I use the Supply theme and was wondering if I can see the Size variant as in the Brooklyn theme. Thank you Sample Supply Theme Sample Brooklyn Theme
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Hello,Is it possible to add checkbox for the customer who subscribes to newsletter? This is the basic code of the form: ...{%- if settings.subscription_method == 'shopify' -%}{% form 'customer', id: null, class: 'form-group--type-inline d-flex d-flex...
@richbrown_staff 1) first you tell me that:"in Shopify domains can be used for markets, but aren't intended for use for languages. E.g.example.ca for Canadaexample.com for USA (rest of the world)"and instead I can find the hreflang in the source code...
Ok... but if I check the html code of the two home page e.g. www.example.ca and www.example.com find the hreflang tag set correctly for SEO.If I activate the second language in the main market to activate the selectors, I have duplicate content. Ex. ...
I have an issue with the language selector not showing up with primary domains. Example:www.example.ca  (primary domain for primary language)www.example.com  (domain for second language English) but hreflang tag for SEO work well in html source   I c...
 The site uses currency EUR (Ex. €109,00)This is the code:<!-- Event snippet --><script>gtag('event', 'page_view', {'send_to': 'AW-xxxxxxxxxx','value': {{product.price_min | money_without_currency | remove:','}},'items': [{'id': '{{product.id}}', 'go...
Hello,I created my policy pages (e.g. /pages/privacy-policy) using a custom .cssI copied the html code into the page  /policies/privacy-policy but when the popup is opened during checkout my custom .css is not loaded.Is there a solution?Thank You! 
Grazie per l'info. Speriamo in bene anche perchè in Italia Satispay si sta diffondendo sempre di più.
Ho notato che nella pagina contatti non è presente la checkbox obbligatoria per prestare il consenso al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi dell'art. 13 del Regolamento Europeo EU 679/2016 GDPRCome posso attivare tale opzione?Grazie 
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