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Hi, When I get to my website and click "SHOP" (without selecting any specific product categories), it takes me to a page that shows all of my products, and it says, "PRODUCTS" across the top. How do...
Hi, is there any way to get rid of the discount code section at checkout? We are a luxury brand and don't offer discount codes, and having this there is confusing to customers and also detracts from ...
Is there any way to change the wording of this text? It's the text next to the checkbox asking if customers want to sign up for the newsletter and appears at checkout. I'm using the Prestige (Allure...
Hello, I created a new page for our "About Us" content. The only options are left, right, and center alignment. I like the look of left aligned, but sometimes the end of a line has a huge gap becaus...
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I’ve been told after making a number of calls that this is an issue with UPS. Nothing Shopify can do. Unless you have a info to put into the “company” line that is different from the “name” line, it will always print double. UPS told me there’s no ot...
Hi, thank you for your reply. How does that work in practice? I want to make it similar to this site: https://www.annmariegianni.com/press-kit/ I have about 25 hi-res images i want to make available for download. Ideally they’d all be in one folder t...
I'd like to create a Press page on my website that has an online version of my press kit, including the usual text, hi-res photo files for media to download, logos for download, etc. What is the best way to achieve this?I'm trying out Press Kit Hero ...
Hi,Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I already know how to enable color swatches and had done so. My issue is that when I click the color swatch, I’d like the variant selection and price to change accordingly as well, but it doesn’t. 
Hello,I hope I can phrase this in a way that sounds coherent. Say I have two different color variants for a single bracelet on its product page. The color variants come at different price points. I have photos of the bracelet in each color. By means ...
Hi,I want to be able to create an automated sequence that sends out a "Thank You" email to customers who chose not to subscribe to my newsletter, but have still made a purchase. And I mean a different thank you than the generic "Order Confirmation" t...
I am having the same issue and it seems like it’s a common complaint. Why hasn’t there been a solution offered by Shopify? So frustrating. 
hi, I’m having issues with my shipping and return labels when they print. Can anyone help me with the issues described below?1. I'd like to change my company name in my shipping labels and return labels. We are a jewelry company and I don't want our ...
Thank you both!! It worked 
Hi,The page in question is at https://petitanjou.com/pages/philanthropy and the password is zeasea. Everything is lumped together in one paragraph, but I'd like there to be spaces in between them. 
Hello, I am writing some content on one of my Pages and cannot get spaces to display between paragraphs. When I write it out in the text box, it looks fine, but the second I save and preview it, everything gets lumped together in one paragraph.
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