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Thank you, Have you any ideas on the variable it's using, please? I've tried quantity-selector but can't seem to get the message to be displayed I'm using the Craft theme
Hi, Was wondering if anyone knew the quantity selector variable I could extract using an if statement for the amount selected on the quantity selector I'm trying to write and if statement to convert a quantity of 1 to a message ,2,3,4 etc I have the ...
Hi, I'm looking to sell products in increments and out of the box it's not possible, without a subscription 3rd party app. Is there a way I could display a metafield which can read quantity and display a message based on quantity selected e.g quantit...
Thank you, I have just created a metafield for price, I can now add in variants based on products which is brilliant, Is there a way to have this in line with the price? currently it's above or below and it would look neater if it could be in line? I...
Hey, I'm looking to add a description after my price, I sell products and I need to addmy price and then a description, such as "Per Yard" "Per Metre" etc depending on the product type. Is there an easy way I can do this? many thanks
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