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Hello Guys,  I am trying to build a mega menu for my store on the refresh theme 2.0, but I cannot get the product or collection images to appear on the menu. Is the something I am missing with regards to settings etc? Its really frustrating me as I h...
Hi guys, I am trying to get a hero image desinged for my shopify store, it will be using the refreshed 2.0 theme that has just been updated. Can any tell me what size is the optimal image for a hero image on this theme and will it be responsive to th...
Hi guys, I'm trying to make my home page more conversion friendly and I was hoping to add a buy now or add to basket button to the items in my featured collection. Would anyone have any tips or advice for this?  Cheers 
That worked awesomly! Thanks so much, is there any way to make the distace between the images smaller on mobile? It's looks kinda of awlward without the text and a big space  
Sure 
Hey Guys, I am trying to remove the collection title from the images and have the images as a clickable link. Can anyone help? Ive included a screen shot of the issue. Many thanks,   
Hi I am having a similar problem but with the sense 2.0 theme. Could you help? Thanks so much  
I am also having this issue would really appreciate some help on it. The pagnation marks look awful under the slide show. Hope we get it sorted 
Thank you so much! Its amazing  I really appreciate your help. 
@KetanKumar Could you help me with the same issue? I am using Sense 2.0 I can get 2x2 on desktop, but I would also like on mobile. 
Hi Ani,  Thank you so much,  my store is I use the Sense 2.0 theme  Thanks again 
Hey Everyone, I am looking for some help with coding custom liquid for images that I wish to use on my store.  I would like them to be centered and responsive to mobile and desktop. They are only 600*70px as they are header images.  I would really ap...
Hey guys, I am pretty inexperienced with Shopify and coding, but there are a couple of things I am trying to do to make my site more appealing. With a limited budget so I am relying on tips and hints at how to give my store the WOW effect.  I use the...
Hey Ketan, I realise that the images are too big, however, when I change the size of the image, it disotorts on the desktop. It still look good on the mobile site, but the desktop looks awful. Is there anything that can be done to change the slider t...
Hi Ketan, Thank you so much for your help. My store is https// thank you  
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